Automatic coding from design
HTML optimized for SEO
Use of CSS3
Support of massive coding
HTML coding for anyone
AUTOCODING is an engine that generate
automatically HTML from Photoshop design data.
Only by uploading a Photoshop file,
HTML, CSS and image files are output.
AUTOCODING outputs a beautiful HTML code optimized for SEO.
As it is an HTML code focused on semantic coding,
further operation support can be done really easily.
Using efficiently CSS3, it converts automatically
design elements that can be expressed in CSS.
Express the whole capacity of your browsers with the latest CSS features.
AUTOCODING take care of the whole coding work.
As human handwork is not required, it is perfect for massive
and rapid coding conversing the quality.
The engine perform the HTML coding taking so much time.
Take a bit of your freetime and create simply a fast
and effective production environment
for your complex frontend programming.
By adjusting the layer structure of Photoshop
and by uploading the created Photoshop file into AUTOCODING,
HTML, CSS and images are generated.
By defining a proper Photoshop layer structure,
you can convert successfully even from a complex design.
Besides, as you can reduce considerably the coding time for complex pages,
it will also lead to a cost reduction.
We believe that the meaning of HTML coding is resumed by SEO features.
With AUTOCODING, an HTML code aware of semantic coding,
which is said strong for SEO, will be output.
As the site itself is powerful for SEO,
if there is other features to implement for SEO it will be made much easier.
AUTOCODING supports CSS3 output.
Thus, you will be able to output the HTML for ton of designs.
Because it concerns latest CSS, it make possible the production
of website accordingly to the designers creativity.
AUTOCODING reproduces with fidelity on browsers the websites imagined by designers.
When coding manualy a huge amount of pages, even if you pay attention carefuly,
preventing miss or preserving quality are really difficult.
With AUTOCODING, you just have to prepare the Photoshop file properly,
then the engine will take care of the output automatically,
so the quality will be preserved during the coding.
It is also possible to use AUTOCODING for massive coding.
With the introduction of HTML5 and CSS3, possibilities of recent websites increased.
Thereby, in order to keep a high quality, the hand of designers is indispensable.
However, the HTML coding get on the other hand harder and harder.
In order to not deceive the creators, you can make the hard work done automatically
so that you can increase during freetime the ability
of coders, designers and directors, improving consequently the overall quality.
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