For directors

Make your creation process faster

Make faster your creation process

By starting using AUTOCODING, you can improve the coders/designers performance and the creation time, so that they can focus on manual operations.

While HTML coding requires complex knowledge, it is common that designers and programmers have to spend a lot of time on odd work.

Furthermore, with the release of HTML5 and CSS3, and with the progress of Javascript HTML coding is becoming harder and harder. Thus, there is an impact on the quality of the code produced.

Directors have also a great impact on the quality by directing developers and creators.

By starting using AUTOCODING, you can reduce your direction time for static HTML coding.
Besides, as long as you have a design file you can create automatically HTML output just like the design,
so the production will speed up and it will occur a costdown.
As long as there is complex work, it is possible to improve technical individual skills of your employees, so it will lead to a quality improvment of the deliverables.

Speed up the production, make a costdown

AUTOCODING is an engine that make HTML coding automatically.
HTML is evolving each years and is getting complex.
It take a lot of time and money everyday to learn according to this constant evolution, which can be seen as inefficient.

In the other hand, AUTOCODING is updated adpating to this evolution and can output HTML smoothly.
By making work automated, it becomes a powerful tool for cost reduction.