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Frequently asked questions

What way of payment are possible ?

You can use a credit card or even a bank account that is linked to a PayPal account.
For more information please see PayPal website.

How can I apply to a plan ?

Please login with your account, and then go to the "Buy points/plan" menu.
Then you will be able to chose the plan that you prefer.

What happens when the free trial ends ?

When the free trial ends, you will be automatically downgraded to the free plan.
You can change your plan during and after the free trial.

Until when is the client support available ?

Our support is available Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 18:00.
Contact us via support chat or support button.
You can also contact directly sales representative.
It can take some time according to your demand.

Can I change plan whenever I want ?

The plan upgrade only is whenever possible. Feel free to do it when you want from the administration panel while logged in.
The upgrade will take effect immediatly, while the downgrade will take effect 3 month after the change.
The purchased points will remain 6 months after purchase, so you can use every plan continiously.

How can I cancel a plan ?

Please make the plan cancellation request via the form.
The contract period is a monthly period, so even after retraction you can use your plan until the expiration date.
In the first three months you cannot make a plan cancellation.

What are basic/advanced CSS modes ?

It is a mode that enable CSS common treatment.
By enabling basic CSS mode, the engine will search for common parts and create common CSS.
In advanced CSS mode, the classnames that are defined with #option{common} will be searched, and a common CSS will be created from this classes.
For more information, please check the help while logged in.

Is there any rules about contract period and change ?

The lowest period of use if 3 months.
Unless you make a retraction, after this your contract will be automatically renewed each month on the day you applied.
Please note that any retraction made during the plan period no money will be send back.

If you whish to purchase coding with AUTOCODING, you will need "Conversion points".

"Conversion points" are points usable in AUTOCODING,
with a basis of 1 point for 1 PSD file conversion.
You can purchase conversion points in advance.
Please purchase points via the administration panel.

In AUTOCODING, 1 page as a value starting from 21 USD.
Thanks to the automation, the price set is cheaper than other web companies.
If you purchase more than 40 points, as the price per page become cheaper,
you can take more advantages of AUTOCODING.
For the way of paiment, you can use between credit card or PayPal.

Ways of payment

In AUTOCODING, you can buy conversion points by credit card, or via PayPal.
Please chose a way of payment below.
Also, for companies that whish for payment that require a bill,
we will adapt to your demand each time.
Feel free to contact the sales representative for this kind of request.

There are various ways of payment