For designers

Design faithful to the designers' originality

AUTOCODING is an engine based on the design you created, and create automaticaly HTML code.
Using coding rules earnt from thousand types of designs, it output an expressive HTML code that reproduces perfectly the creator will and intent.

You can do it by using Photoshop, widely used by creators and designers.
It consists in arranging the layer structure, so no difficult task here.

In order to get a design that express your creativity and skills without limit, why don't you, designer, try to make coding as well ?

The design is expressed by coding

The designs created by designers have to be coded in order to be released, so coding remain an essential step.
Besides, coding must be to the image of the design.
No matter how much the designer expresses sense in its design, if the coder do not recognize it, best coding for your design will not be possible, and it may result with a site different to your original intent.

Fortunatly, by using AUTOCODING this problem is solved.
With AUTOCODING, you just arrange the layer structure and chose layertags, and you will be able to produce the code automatically for your design.
In this way, you do not have to know technical knowledge for specific features or other.
We believe that t is thanks to the work of the designer until release, that we can create website of high quality.