FAQ - How to use

There is a difference compared to the original design. How should I fix it ?

You have to adjust the layer structure and layer tags in your design.
For more information please see the manual.

What is the maximum file size for Photoshop files ?

The maximum size is 250MB. If your file exceed this size, please rasterize or combine some layers in order to reduce the file size.

Is there a limit regarding number of layers ?

The maximum is 1200 layers.
However, the more there is layer the difficult will be the conversion, so we advice you to keep a minimum number of layers.

Is there sample Photoshop files ?

You can download each kind of samples at the below url.
Sample download here

I don't really understand how to use it.

Please check the tutorials or the manual.

Can we use AUTOCODING also for website updates or operations after release ?

Yes, it is possible. AUTOCODING outputs HTML that is ready for updates and operations flow.
For more information about utilization please contact us via the support center.
Support center (

Can we use it offline ?

We are really sorry, but as it is an internet service, there is no support for online environment.

Is the website complete only by uploading the code I downloaded after conversion ?

Yes, the website is achieved on download. However, if you wish to install some templates or CMS, a website that require other than HTML and CSS, you will have to make some manual work.
It is also true for websites that include some systems such as forms.
We will teach how to create an AUTOCODING project for a website that should integrate WordPress or forms via the support center. Feel free to contact us.
Support center (

Is there a limit in the height of designs ?

There is no limit in the height of the design, but the file size is limited to a maximum size of 250MB.

For designers, is there an explicit formation program for using AUTOCODING on the market ?

We created a group of templates, so please refer to those by downloading them to the following URL.
Templates download

Also, if you would like to check other creations or other tricks, you can check the AUTOCODING MAGAZINE where you can find this kind of content posted frequently.

Is there a way to make common some parts of the design ?

Yes, it is possible.
When creating a new project, please check the "Basic CSS mode" option, or set this option to "Advanced CSS mode" to define your common parts your self in the design thanks to the #option{common} layertag.
For more information, please check the help in the administration panel.

Is it possible to make many source code files common ?

Yes it is possible.
When creating a new project, chose the "Multiple pages" option, and the #option{common} layertag on the classname in your designs.
For more information, please check the help in the administration panel.