FAQ - Administration panel

I found an error after purchase. Is there a way to cancel the purchase from the administration panel ?

We are really sorry, but we do not support cancellations after purchase.
Thus, you will have to reupload the Photoshop file, and purchase again.
Before purchasing please check carrefuly if there is no errors in the design or in the output data.
Thank you for your comprehension.

How much time is possible the reupload of Photoshop file ?

You can do it with no limit. However, information before upload will be removed, so if you would like to keep the Photoshop file, please upload the design as a new file.

The network connection have been lost while pressing the purchase button.
Is the purchase will be taken into account ?

If the purchase is complete, the "HTML Download" button appears.
If it is not shown, the purchase was not complete so please press the purchase button again.

I uploaded my design with layer effects or masks on. What will happen ?

It may collapse on the display.
However, a part of layer effects are supported in CSS3, so it will be displayed nicely.
In order to check which layer effects are supported in CSS3, please check the "About the CSS3 generation" part of the manual.

I could made correction many times for free, but from which correction will it be billable ?

You can make correction as many time as you want. As long you do not purchase the design, you will not be billed for anything.

How should I do to cancel a design conversion ?

You can not cancel a conversion once it started.
However, if you press the "Cancel" button while uploading the design submition will be aborted.

In the administration panel, when I create a new folder and move a design in it, the design disappears.
Where did it gone ?

By default, the designs are displayed in the home folder so you may think it have disappeared, but if you go to the folder you created you will be able to find your design.
You can do it by double clicking in the folder you wish to be moved to.

Can I download files that are displayed as "Deleted" in the purchase history ?<

The HTML download is possible. However, you will not be able to download the Photoshop file for this conversion so please be sure to keep a copy of your design before deleting.
Please also note that a restoration of deleted files is not possible.

What is the common design feature ?

When you set a design as common, the design will be output as a common file.
When you will click on the "Download all" button, you will see that the #header and #footer of the design you set as common will be set as common CSS for the whole output.

Where is used the folder names I defined in the administration panel ?

The folder names you created will be output as a zipped folder structure when you will use the "Download all" feature.