The industry's first automatic coding system AUTOCODING
is an engine that analyze the layers of the Photoshop file you create in order to make automatically HTML coding.

The HTML produced by AUTOCODING supports HTML5, CSS
and is also conform to W3C standards.

Also, the automatically output HTML is aware of SEO with semantic coding.

With no lack of quality, it is an ASP service that speeds up the production, and reduce considerably the cost.

The HTML output by AUTOCODING is conform to W3C.
It is a W3C validator checked up HTML.

Overwhelming production speed

In the whole process of production flow, if we compare to the actual coding that requires manpower, by using AUTOCODING we can speed up up to 3 times the HTML coding.
For a conversion of a PSD file into HTML data everything is done automatically by a computer, so there is no labor, the time required to achieve the code, even long, is about 2 minutes.

Then, by preparing the layer structure in the design according to the HTML coding, it allows a further reduction of production time, which leads to a cost reduction.
As the support of jQuery is currently in progress, it will speed up even more the coding time contributing to a costdown.

Cost reduction

An overwhelming speed and automation lead to a cost reduction.
It depends on the actual values, but for one case as example after using AUTOCODING, the production speed was 4 times faster, giving 34% of cost reduction.

Work speedup, costdown, why don't you introduce AUTOCODING in your production flow ?
If you use it efficiently, you will be able to feel effectively the cost reduction thanks to automatic HTML coding.

Output of latest HTML5, CSS3, adapted for SEO

AUTOCODING supports all latest markups introduced in HTML5, and is conform to W3C.
Besides, be making full use of CSS3, it is possible to produce fastly a creative HTML.

Our company, that own a branch related to SEO features, thinks that the SEO that is necessary for attracting clients is highly important.
In this way, we implemanted a semantic coding in AUTOCODING aware of SEO.
In other words, we can say that the output HTML from AUTOCODING is really strong for SEO.

Implementation of features using jQuery

(In progress)

It also implements automatically jQuery scripts which are well used in web production.

With this engine only a common website can be created, so creators do not have to worry about complex jQuery/frontend engineering.