For HTML coders

Seek of better creativity

Recently, thanks to smartphones and tablets, we can say that Web is more present than ever. Thus, it is essential to code dynamic pages using Javascript.

However, in order to create a website you need first of all to write the HTML code. With latest features introduced by HTML5 and CSS3, it is necessary for HTML coders to improve their skills everyday. Thus, by doing a lot of HTML coders lose the time they should use for expressing their creativity with Javascript.

AUTOCODING is the automated coding tool that can fix this problem. As it produce complex HTML automatically, the coder do not have to spend time on HTML and use its free time to make its websites more dynamic.
By creating dynamic pages with Javascript, you will be able to express further more your technical skills.

What AUTOCODING can do

For the dynamic part of websites, commonly used jQuery is produced by AUTOCODING (currently in development).
Thanks to this, the coder can use the features output and focus on the client needs by customming these features.

About browser compatibilty, we adapted the output code properly.
Picking the best code resulting from this research and from the design, AUTOCODING is able to output an optimal code.

By arranging layer names and layer groups structure in Photoshop, you can create the HTML you wished for thanks to AUTOCODING.

Expressing the wish of designers

Only humans can understand the needs of designers and clients.
The engine is only a tool, and can not understand the wish included in the design.
The engine is just your assistant that create the coding that is expected.
As a frontend engineer, conduct this engine and make a coding proper to the wish of designers and clients.