A production environment without exhaustion

All production work made manually

In current market, all production work is made by human hand.
Design, HTML coding, system development, requirements given until release, negotiation with stakeholders, scheduling and operations after release, everything is a hardwork required for website production.

But in the harsh market environment, we have to take the projects to the lowest cost (money and time), or no benefit can be earnt.
In other words, we can say that the production labor is a nessecary condition for the success of a project.

A worth impossible without human

The worth that come from IT services is various, but basically we can say that it is possible only thanks to the "communication between people". Indeed, the rich creativity that is impossible without human requires emotions and imaginative skills.

However, the work toll that come from the lack of people depends heavily on each creators.
In a market that requires imaginative skills, it may be difficult to find good ideas if creators are haunted by bugs and delivery.

Thus, in order to improve the production labor, the industry must make effort to increase the added value.

A Software that helps people

AUTOCODING is an attempt that incorporate HTML coding production work in a software.
This make the production work done by a software, but do not eliminate the need for production process.

The production process that is usually transcribed into manuals and divided into patterns is done by the software.
In this way, the creator can focus on an imaginative front end engineering, and then it is possible to improve the productivity of the whole process.

We seriously think that it is an indispensable service in order to accelerate the IT industry progress.