For programmers

Complex coding, done automatically

By using AUTOCODING, that creates automatically HTML from a design file, you can reduce the time for your HTML coding.

For programmers that needs various skills, even HTML coding which is supposed to be a basic structure is a complex work since it requires a lot of knowledge.

Also, due to the introduction of new rules instaured by HTML5 and CSS3, the expression field is improved at the front end level, and the system development is devided in frontend and backend.

As future changes are expected, why don't you take the initiative and make your coding automatically with AUTOCODING ?

By doing your HTML coding made automatically, you can get a lot of time for harder programs you have to work on.

We believe that focusing on the programming, improving the quality and your skills will lead to a costdown.

A HTML code easy to maintain

AUTOCODING is a toll that create HTML automatically from design files.
It creates a website thank to the specification of tags, layer structure in the psd file.

By uploading an edited design file in AUTOCODING, an HTML site is output with HTML, CSS and images. You will just have to upload this output on a FTP server or other, and your website will be online and ready.

Leaving the complex HTML coding to AUTOCODING allows the programmer to get more time for implementing in its code further more a creative logic.